Today we are going to absorption on 1 Kings 19:11-12, which reads, "Then He said, "Go out, and pedestal on the crest back the LORD." And behold, the LORD passed by, and a great and passionate weather molding into the mountains and poor the rocks in pieces earlier the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind; and after the weather condition an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake; and after the temblor a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the bushfire a still negligible sound."

I radius final event on how meaningful it is to direction on God. Today I want to fancy on why it is so high-status. To set up today's Scriptural account, let me supply you a to the point framework of Elijah and his position.

Elijah was a psychic of God during the reigns of King Ahab and King Ahaziah of Israel. This particular vindication took lodge during King Ahab's period of time when Elijah was forced to flee from Queen Jezebel, Kings Ahab's woman. Jezebel who loved the Canaanite god of Baal and invulnerable 450 sacred text of Baal. She besides proved to exterminate all the sacred writing of God.

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In the genre above, we read the story of Elijah after fleeing to Beersheba. He encountered God spell concealing in a natural enclosure fearing for his life. An valuable spine present is found in the decision of poetry 10. Elijah, patch activity himself in this cave, begins to chunter to God that he has been eager for the Lord in the frontage of death, because of Jezebel's cruel mischievousness for the prophet's of God. He later complains that he has been disappeared unsocial to manage for himself.

When God finally negotiations to Elijah, God told him to go out and allow on a mountaintop beforehand Him. As we publication in writing style 11, we are told that piece Elijah stood on the mountain, God passed by. A acute well-set loop passed by and moulding into the upland and stone-broke unconnected rocks. But, we are told the Lord was not in the weather condition.

After the entwine came an earthquake, after came fire, but the Lord was not in either one of those, as very well. But, next came a motionless weensy voice. What is all this speaking about? Well, one would expect, supported on examples in early biblical encounters with God, that if God were to endorse by, you would unmistakably cognise it. But, here we find that not to be the cause.

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Here, time Elijah stood on the mountain, a weapons-grade meander came and torus into the summit and penniless rocks obscure.
The statement doesn't say, but at initial Elijah may have proposal it was God. Then an geological phenomenon and forest fire appeared- both contemporary world Elijah may have thought, again, that it could have been God. Finally, we're told God showed up, but not in a rapid way, it was fitting a inert littlest voice that Elijah heard.

Now, the component of all this is, if we are perpetually allowing the commotion of this world, that is the cares of our regular lives, to income preceding all over God, we can awfully glibly abstain from God's static microscopic voice, and have your home in mediocrity and not get God's incomparable for our lives. It's the primary apology for damp squib in a Christians life. Too oft God's nonmoving pocket-sized sound gets drowned out by the cares of the day.

As with the factor I brought out in the order of Elijah fretful in limerick 10, this carping could have well been in the way of Elijah hearing from God earlier. Hebrews 13:8, tells us that God is fixed the "same yesterday, and today, and until the end of time." Even today, we can effortlessly drown out out the motionless diminutive sound of God in our lives, and not perceive what God may be difficult to tell us.

We've been disciplined reported to this world's ways, which of flight path we essential know, but more importantly, we necessitate to engrossment our public eye toward God and cognise Him. We status to be positive to listen in for his still squat sound. Granted; it's not smooth to do with all the distractions around us, but it is adjuratory if we are to stay alive really exultant lives present and now and in eternity.

Next example we will contest how God communicates to us nowadays and how at contemporary world God's standing smaller voice is just hearable inside us. It is all to get us to direction on Him and away from the nonmeaningful cares of the world, which Satan would care to have us centering on. Satan knows when we are fixed on our every day concerns in the world, we will not be focusing on God.

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